Cleaner Production (CP) is a strategy to minimize waste through the:

  • Prevention of waste through good housekeeping, improved process management, new or modified production process / equipment / technologies, material substitution / reuse / recovery and changing products or producing useful by-products
  • Systematicapproach to identify and implement options for improvement
  • Integration in a company’s processes and products
  • Continuous improvement by minimizing waste as an ongoing activity

CP Methodologies

The following CP methodologies were used as an input to develop the “Company Energy Efficiency Methodology”:

  • CP-EE Methodology: a 5-step methodology produced by UNEP in 2004 to strengthen the energy component of CP assessments carried out by National Cleaner Production Centers around the world. Steps include Planning and organization; Pre-assessment; Assessment; Feasibility analysis; and Implementation and continuation. (more)
  • CP Methodology: a 6-step methodology… Steps include: Getting started; Analyzing process steps; Generating CP opportunities; Selecting CP solutions; Implementation of CP solutions; Maintaining CP

Cleaner Production Websites

Cleaner Production.Com

Cleaner Production.Com is a Internet gateway for CP, pollution prevention and sustainable business, where information is provided on:

  • Networks (links to international organizations, business associations, leading companies, aid agencies, national and local governments, top CP websites, Roundtable and Conferences)
  • Tools for CP (management, assessment, measurement, design, purchasing reporting)
  • Sectors (general information, industrial, financing, educational institute and development programmes)

UNEP’s Cleaner Production - Homepage

UNEP's CP website provides information on:

  • Understanding CP (definition of CP and related concepts, capacity building, CP in industries, CP policies and other CP stakeholders)
  • International CP declaration (current and prospective signatories, declaration promoters and signing ceremony hosts)
  • National CP centres
  • Events
  • CP network and Library

UNIDO’s Cleaner Production - Homepage

UNIDO’s CP programme aims at building national CP capacities, fostering dialogue between industry and government and enhancing investments for transfer and development of environmentally sound technologies. Information available on this website relates to its services (technical assistance and in-plant assessment, training, CP technology and investment promotion, information dissemination and CP policy advice); National Cleaner Production Centre

Cleaner Production Publications

General information about Cleaner Production

Progress on implementing CP

Cleaner Production Programmes

National Cleaner Production Centres

UNIDO and UNEP have joined forces to help introduce Cleaner Production in developing countries and countries in transition. The UNIDO/UNEP Programme for National Cleaner Production Centres (NCPCs) is a unique programme of capacity development to help achieve adoption and further development of the Cleaner Production concept at the national level.
For further information, please visit:

REACH Programme

The Asian Development Bank’s REACH programme includes capacity building activities on generic climate change issues and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) with emphasis on renewable energy and energy efficiency, carbon sequestration, and adaptation.

Canada-China Cleaner Production Project

The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) funds the project. The purposes of the project are to assist China in strengthening the institutional capacity to promote implementation of Cleaner Production in priority industrial sectors in China and support government agencies, industries and enterprises in the application of CP in priority sectors. Information provided includes: about CP, CP in China (policy, case studies, links, news, projects and on participating factories) and the Canada-China Cleaner Production Project.

Integrated Programme on Cleaner Production Technologies (IPCT)

The IPCT is one of the programs of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Philippines and Industrial Technology Development Institute (ITDI) that provides technical and/or technology assistance to industry sector in selection and implementation of Cleaner Production technologies.

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