The “Company Energy Efficiency Methodology” (Methodology) has been developed for Asian industrial companies to help them improve energy efficiency through Cleaner Production.

Improved energy efficiency can help companies to:

  • Reduce energy and production costs
  • Improve environmental performance and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce exposure to rising energy prices and energy shortages
  • Win new customers who consider environment as an important selection criteria

This Methodology has been developed because it:

  • Is tailored to energy-intensive industrial companies in developing Asian countries, which in many ways are different from companies in industrialized and Western countries
  • Focuses on energy, which is less visible than waste, water and raw materials
  • Explains not only what should be done in theory, but also how it is done in practice because all companies are different. A focus is therefore given on how to overcome barriers such as time limitations and lack of data, and on practical company examples

This Methodology is based on:

  • The Cleaner Production (CP) strategy: prevention of waste, systematic approach, integrated into business processes and aimed at continuous improvement
  • Several existing CP and energy audit methodologies
  • Real practice experience from energy assessments carried out as part of the GERIAP project in more than 40 Asian industrial companies


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