Step 2: Assessment


The purpose of step 2 is to assess where energy is lost/wasted for the focus area(s).

The output of step 2 is an overview of how much energy is lost and how much money this costs for the focus area(s). Then it becomes easier to identify options to improve energy efficiency in step 3!

Tasks under step 2 and the estimated minimum time needed include:*

  • Task 2a: Staff meeting and training (minimum 0.5 day for staff meeting only)
  • Task 2b: Prepare focus area flow charts (minimum 2 hours per focus area)
  • Task 2c: Walkthrough of focus areas (depending on the focus area, but minimum 0.5 day per focus area, excluding collection of detailed data for task 2d)
  • Task 2d: Quantify inputs and outputs and costs to establish a baseline (time required depends on data available as determined during the pre-assessment, task 1c)
  • Task 2e: Quantify losses through a material and energy balance (0.5 – 1 day per focus area provided that data were collected under task 2d)

* Note: the selection of tasks, time needed and who does what should already be included in the energy assessment proposal to top management that was prepared under task 1e.

Although task 2b, 2d and 2e are described as separate tasks, it is possible to combine these, which will avoid repetition and save the Team time!

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