Step 3: Identification of options


The purpose of step 3 is to identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency for the selected focus areas.

The output is a list of options that will be investigated on their feasibility in step 4.

Tasks under step 3 and the estimated time needed include:*

  • Task 3a: Determine causes of losses (estimated 0.5 day per focus area)
  • Task 3b: Identify possible options (estimated 0.5 day per focus area)
  • Task 3c: Screen options for feasibility analysis (estimated 0.5 day)

* Note: the time needed and who does what should already be included in the proposal prepared under task 1e. Step 3 can take between 1 – 3 days depending on the number of focus areas, the number and type of losses and causes, the time available, the technical expertise of the Team members and if tasks 3a – 3c are carried out separately or together. For example a one-day workshop can be held where the Team first looks at the causes of losses, then identifies possible options and finally screens options for feasibility analysis.

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