Step 4: Feasibility analysis of options

The purpose of step 4 is to determine which options are technically, financially and environmentally feasible and in what order feasible options should be implemented.

The output of step 4 is a proposal that is approved by top management, with recommended options for implementation and how to do this, plus a list of options that require further investigation or which are not feasible.

Tasks under step 4 and the estimated time needed include:

  • Task 4a: Technical, economic and environmental evaluation of options (time depends on the number and complexity of options investigated)*
  • Task 4b: Rank feasible options for implementation (0.5-1 day)
  • Task 4c: Prepare implementation and monitoring proposal for top management approval (2-3 days)

*If top management has given a maximum amount of time for the feasibility analysis, then the number and type of options selected for feasibility analysis should be adjusted accordingly.

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