Energy Equipment Chapter Titles – BAHASA INDONESIA

Thermal energy equipment

Peralatan Energi Termis

Chapter - Fuels and combustion (Bahasa Indonesia, 136KB-pdf)

Bahan bakar & pembakaran

Chapter - Boilers and thermic fluid heaters (Bahasa Indonesia, 871KB-pdf)

Boiler & pemanas fluida termis

Chapter – Steam distribution and utilization (Bahasa Indonesia, 3.2MB-pdf)

Distribusi uap air dan penggunaan

Chapter – Furnaces and refractories (Bahasa Indonesia, 1MB-pdf)

Tungku dan refraktori

Chapter – Cogeneration (Bahasa Indonesia, 199KB-pdf)


Chapter - Waste heat recovery (Bahasa Indonesia, 313KB-pdf)

Pemanfaatan kembali limbah panas

Electrical energy equipment

Peralatan Energi Listrik 

Chapter – Electricity (Bahasa Indonesia, 453KB-pdf)


Chapter - Electric motors (Bahasa Indonesia, 318KB-pdf)

Motor listrik

Chapter – Compressors and compressed air (Bahasa Indonesia, 945KB-pdf)

Kompresor dan system udara tekan

Chapter - Pumps and pumping systems (Bahasa Indonesia, 580KB-pdf)

Pompa dan sistem pompa

Chapter - Fans and blowers (Bahasa Indonesia, 670KB-pdf)

Fan dan blower

Chapter – Lighting (Bahasa Indonesia, 287KB-pdf)


Chapter - Air conditioning and refrigeration (Bahasa Indonesia, 285KB-pdf)

AC dan Refrigera

Chapter - Cooling towers (Bahasa Indonesia, 143KB-pdf)

Menara pendingin

Monitoring equipment

Peralatan pemantauan

Chapter - Monitoring equipment (Bahasa Indonesia, 872KB-pdf)

Peralatan pemantauan


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