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P.T. Pindo Deli Pulp & Paper Mills

Pindo Deli – Company Case Study (173KB - pdf)

Pindo Deli – Improved boiler burning efficiency, firing rates and exhaust gas metering (32KB - pdf)

Pindo Deli – Installation of CFB boiler and use paper sludge as alternative fuel (33KB - pdf)

Pindo Deli – Replacement of 4P press with shoe press to increase paper dewatering (454KB - pdf)

Pindo Deli – Steam loss reduction through pipe insulation, repairing steam trap leakages and steam trap management (72KB - pdf)

Pindo Deli – Use paper sludge and compost or mushroom fertilizer (43KB - pdf)

Pindo Deli – Water conservation in paper mills to reduce paper sludge (33KB - pdf)


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