Company case studies - Philippines

Holcim Bulakan Plant

Holcim Bulacan - Company case study (86KB - pdf)

Holcim Bulacan - Damper removal for fans with full open damper and installation of slip power recovery system for fans with slip ring motor drive (25KB - pdf)

Holcim Bulacan - Improvement of power factor at crusher through reduction of medium voltage and load-based regulation of capacitor operation (56KB - pdf)

Holcim Bulacan - Installation of on-line oxygen analyzer at calciner exhausts of preheater to improve leaks management (25KB - pdf)

Holcim Bulacan - Installation of VSD for motors of reducer high pressure pump and reducer low pressure pump at raw mill (31KB - pdf)

Holcim Bulacan - Nozzle angle and armour ring adjustment to increase raw material flow at raw mill (57KB - pdf)

Holcim Bulacan - Repair vacuum leaks at the kiln hood door to avoid heat loss (52KB - pdf)

Holcim Bulacan - Screening of raw material feed size and management of load to increase the performance of jaw and hammer crushers at raw mill (25KB - pdf)

Holcim Bulacan - Use of high efficiency fans and motors for clinker cooler fans (54KB - pdf)


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