Company case studies - Sinhala


Abul Khair Steel Products (steel)


Abul Khair – Company case study (Sinhala)


Abul Khair – Installation of capacitor bank (Sinhala)


Abul Khair – Keeping main pumps on rolling mill off (Sinhala)


Abul Khair – Leak repair and insulation (Sinhala)


Abul Khair – Removing heat from condensate (Sinhala)




Bengal Fine Ceramics (ceramics)


BFCL – Company case study (Sinhala)


BFCL – Heat loss reduction from furnace (Sinhala)


BFCL – Heat recovery from furnace (Sinhala)


BFCL – Washing raw materials in cascade tanks (Sinhala)




TK Chemical Complex Ltd (pulp & paper)


TKCCL – Company case study (Sinhala)


TKCCL – Blow down in boiler at high TDS levels (Sinhala)


TKCCL – Increase of condensate recovery (Sinhala)


TKCCL – Installation of desuperheater at boiler (Sinhala)




Urea Fertilizer Factory Company (chemicals – fertilizer)


UFFL – Company case study (Sinhala)


UFFL – Cooling water conservation (Sinhala)


UFFL – Installation of capacitor bank to reduce power factor (Sinhala)


UFFL – Insulation, steam trap repair and condensate recovery (Sinhala)


UFFL – Repair of leaks in ammonia pipelines (Sinhala)


UFFL – Story of a government plant (Sinhala)


UFFL – Water and energy conservation in water distribution system (Sinhala)



Anhui Linquan Chemical Industry Co Ltd (chemicals)


ALCI – Company case study (Sinhala)


ALCI – Heat recovery from blown gas and relaxed gas (Sinhala)


ALCI – Insulation and leak repair from steam pipelines (Sinhala)


ALCI – Replacement of glue sphere with screw cordonnier system (Sinhala)


ALCI – Revised procedure to screen coal feeding (Sinhala)




Anhui Tiandu Paper Co Ltd (pulp & paper)


Anhui Tiandu – Company case study (Sinhala)


Anhui Tiandu – Heat recovery from blow down at pulp digesters (Sinhala)


Anhui Tiandu – Increase cooking capacity by improving straw feed (Sinhala)


Anhui Tiandu – Installation of cogeneration (Sinhala)


Anhui Tiandu – Insulation and leak repair of steam pipelines (Sinhala)


Anhui Tiandu – Presoaking of straw before feeding digester (Sinhala)


Anhui Tiandu – Replace small boilers with large boiler (Sinhala)




Jiangxi Yadong Cement Company (cement)


Jiangxi Yadong Cement – Company case study (Sinhala)


Jiangxi Yadong Cement – New refractory bricks for kilns (Sinhala)


Jiangxi Yadong Cement – Power generation from waste heat (Sinhala)


Jiangxi Yadong Cement – Use coal ash powder as clinker substitute (Sinhala)




Shijazhuang Iron & Steel Co Ltd (steel)


Shigang Steel – Company case study (Sinhala)


Shigang Steel – Installation of gas hoods to recover heat (Sinhala)


Shigang Steel – Nitrogen flow meters leak survey and repair (Sinhala)


Shigang Steel – Oxygen flow meters leak survey and repair (Sinhala)


Shigang Steel – Repair biocide dosing injection pump at cooling tower (Sinhala)


Shigang Steel – Turn roof fan deck off in winter (Sinhala)


Shigang Steel – Water conservation and recycling (Sinhala)




Yuanping Chemicals Industrial Co Ltd (chemicals)


Yuanping Chemicals – Company case study (Sinhala)


Yuanping Chemicals – Convert air gas making process (Sinhala)


Yuanping Chemicals – Improved recovery of lead and sodium sulphate (Sinhala)


Yuanping Chemicals – Install steam trap at air heating coils (Sinhala)


Yuanping Chemicals – Install steam turbine to existing boiler (Sinhala)


Yuanping Chemicals – Recover flash steam from blow down (Sinhala)


Yuanping Chemicals – Weld impingement plate on jacketed heater (Sinhala)



Active Carbon Ltd (chemicals)


Active Carbon – Company case study (Sinhala)


Active Carbon – Improved steam efficiency through insulation, capacitor banks (Sinhala)


Active Carbon – Moisture removal from raw material using hot air (Sinhala)


Active Carbon – Preheating of the combustion air in rotary kiln with steam coils (Sinhala)


Active Carbon – Replacement of incandescent lights with fluorescent lights (Sinhala)




Coromandel Cement Ltd (cement)


Coromandel Cement – Company case study (Sinhala)


Coromandel Cement – Improved drying of coal (Sinhala)


Coromandel Cement – Increase of coal drying mill lift height and angle (Sinhala)


Coromandel Cement – Increase of inlet duct diameter of circulating air fan (Sinhala)


Coromandel Cement – Modification of furnace grate bars and coal particle size (Sinhala)


Coromandel Cement – Prevention of false air entry across coal mill circuit (Sinhala)


Coromandel Cement – Reduction in velocity in coal mill outlet duct (Sinhala)


Coromandel Cement – Reduction of motor size in lime stone primary crusher (Sinhala)


Coromandel Cement – Reduction of speed in circulation air fan (Sinhala)




ITC Limited - Paperboards and Specialty Paper Division (pulp & paper)


ITC Ltd – Company case study (Sinhala)


ITC Ltd – Flash steam recovery from boiler blow down (Sinhala)


ITC Ltd – Increase heat transfer area in the blow heat recovery system (Sinhala)


ITC Ltd – Lighting improvements (Sinhala)


ITC Ltd – Reduction of unburnt and coal fines in boiler (Sinhala)


ITC Ltd – Replacement of inefficient vacuum fans (Sinhala)




Siflon Drugs (chemicals – drugs)


Siflon Drugs – Company case study (Sinhala)


Siflon Drugs – Replacement of wood fired boiler (Sinhala)


Siflon Drugs – Increased solvent recovery through additional cooling tower (Sinhala)


Siflon Drugs – Technology upgrade: cooler, elevators, press (Sinhala)




Vishanapatnam Steel Plant (steel)


VSP Ltd – Company case study (Sinhala)


VSP Ltd – Adjust fan blades in cooling tower (Sinhala)


VSP Ltd – Electricity conservation at feed air compressors (Sinhala)


VSP Ltd – Optimum utilization of field currents in rolling mills (Sinhala)


VSP Ltd – Reduction of running cone crushers (Sinhala)


VSP Ltd – Rubber shots cleaning technology in condenser (Sinhala)



PT Krakatau Steel (steel)


Krakatau Steel – Company case study (Sinhala)


Krakatau Steel – Burner control system in ladle drying and preheating (Sinhala)


Krakatau Steel – Generate power from excess high pressure NG (Sinhala)


Krakatau Steel – Recovering waste heat at billet transportation system (Sinhala)


Krakatau Steel – Steam traps and leaks survey (Sinhala)




PT Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk (cement)


PT Indocement – Company case study (Sinhala)


PT Indocement – Change mode operation of tie bus (Sinhala)


PT Indocement – Cooling tower improvement (Sinhala)


PT Indocement – Elimination compressed air to clean staff clothes (Sinhala)


PT Indocement – False air leak survey and repair (Sinhala)


PT Indocement – Install autodrain for compressed air (Sinhala)


PT Indocement – Install VSD on 12 fans (Sinhala)


PT Indocement – Regular cleaning of cooling tower (Sinhala)




PT Pindo Deli Pulp and Paper


Pindo Deli – Company case study (Sinhala)


Pindo Deli – Improved boiler burning efficiency and firing rates (Sinhala)


Pindo Deli – Installation of CFB boiler and use paper sludge (Sinhala)


Pindo Deli – Replacement of 4P press with shoe press (Sinhala)


Pindo Deli – Steam loss reduction (Sinhala)


Pindo Deli – Use paper sludge as compost or mushroom fertilizer (Sinhala)


Pindo Deli – Water conservation in paper mills to reduce paper sludge (Sinhala)




Holcim Indonesia (cement)


Holcim Indonesia – Company case study (Sinhala)


Holcim Indonesia – Compressed air leak survey and repair (Sinhala)


Holcim Indonesia – False air leak survey and repair (Sinhala)


Holcim Indonesia – Kiln refractory lining (Sinhala)




PT Semen Padang (cement)


PT Semen Padang – Company case study (Sinhala)


PT Semen Padang – Compressed air leak survey (Sinhala)


PT Semen Padang – False air leak survey and leak repair in kiln (Sinhala)


PT Semen Padang – Increase fan pulley diameter to reduce speed (Sinhala)


PT Semen Padang – Increase time intervals of jet pulse controls (Sinhala)


PT Semen Padang – Installation of interconnection between compressors (Sinhala)



Holcim Bulacan Ltd (cement)


Holcim Bulacan – Company case study (Sinhala)


Holcim Bulacan – Damper removal and slip power recovery (Sinhala)


Holcim Bulacan – Improvement of power factor at crusher (Sinhala)


Holcim Bulacan – Installation of online oxygen analyzer at Calciner (Sinhala)


Holcim Bulacan – Installation of VSD for motors of pumps (Sinhala)


Holcim Bulacan – Nozzle angle and armour ring adjustment (Sinhala)


Holcim Bulacan – Repair vacuum links at the kiln hood door (Sinhala)


Holcim Bulacan – Screening of raw material feed size (Sinhala)


Holcim Bulacan – Use of high efficiency motors for clinker cooler fans (Sinhala)




Puyat Vinyl Products Inc (chemicals – vinyl)


Puyat Vinyl – Company case study (Sinhala)


Puyat Vinyl – Improvement of cooling tower efficiency (Sinhala)


Puyat Vinyl – Steam leak survey and replacement of gaskets (Sinhala)


Puyat Vinyl – Increase percentage biofuel for boiler (Sinhala)


Puyat Vinyl – Replace 40W fluorescent lamps with 36W or 32W (Sinhala)




Steel Asia Manufacturing Corporation Ltd (steel)


Steel Asia – Company case study (Sinhala)


Steel Asia – Installation of ceramic fiber insulation (Sinhala)


Steel Asia – Installation of heat resistant cloth canvas (Sinhala)


Steel Asia – Measurement of water holding tank (Sinhala)




United Pulp and Paper Company Inc (pulp & paper)


UPPC – Company case study (Sinhala)


UPPC – Improved insulation of the boiler shell (Sinhala)


UPPC – Installation of VSD for deaerator pump (Sinhala)


UPPC – Replacement of 40-watt fluorescent lamps (Sinhala)



Associated Motor Ways Ltd (chemicals – rubber)


AMW – Company case study (Sinhala)


AMW – Improved steam efficiency through boiler maintenance (Sinhala)


AMW – Insulation of steam pipelines and tyre moulds (Sinhala)


AMW – Replacement of inefficient compressor with screw type compressor (Sinhala)




Ceylon Heavy Industries and Construction Co Ltd (CHICO, steel)


CHICO Steel – Company case study (Sinhala)


CHICO Steel – Reduce production delays through improved fuel oil quality (Sinhala)


CHICO Steel – Replacement of oil burner nozzles and recuperator tubes (Sinhala)




Dankotuwa Porcelain Ltd (ceramics)


DPL – Company case study (Sinhala)


DPL – Installation of Electro Flow System to improve power factor (Sinhala)


DPL – Replacement of diesel-fired kiln that uses saggers (Sinhala)




Holcim Lanka Ltd (cement)


Holcim Lanka – Company case study (Sinhala)




Lanka Tiles Ltd (ceramics)


Lanka Tiles – Company case study (Sinhala)


Lanka Tiles – Separation of large raw materials particles (Sinhala)


Lanka Tiles – Use of waste heat from kiln for chambered tile drying (Sinhala)




National Paper Company (pulp & paper)


National Paper – Company case study (Sinhala)


National Paper – Substitution of fuel with paddy husk in boiler (Sinhala)


National Paper – Compressed air leak survey and leak repair (Sinhala)



Asian Chemical Company Ltd (chemicals)


Asian Chemical – Company case study (Sinhala)


Asian Chemical – Install temperature sensor to switch fan on (Sinhala)


Asian Chemical – Replace or repair pipe and filter connections (Sinhala)


Asian Chemical – Replacement of damaged steam traps (Sinhala)


Asian Chemical – Replacement of inefficient and unsafe boiler (Sinhala)


Asian Chemical – Steam leak survey and repair (Sinhala)




G-Steel Ltd (steel)


G-Steel – Company case study (Sinhala)


G-Steel – Repositioning of floor burner (Sinhala)


G-Steel – Yield improvement CCM process area (Sinhala)




Lime Master Ltd (cement – lime)


Lime Master – Company case study (Sinhala)


Lime Master – Installation of bag filters for lime dust (Sinhala)


Lime Master – Installation of magnetic timers on conveyors (Sinhala)


Lime Master – Recover reject materials and products for sale (Sinhala)


Lime Master – Recovery and reuse of washing water (Sinhala)




Siam White Cement Co Ltd (cement)


SWCC – Company case study (Sinhala)


SWCC – Airflow controls by installing inverters (Sinhala)


SWCC – High efficiency fan at cement mill (Sinhala)


SWCC – Installation of separator for materials (Sinhala)


SWCC – Installation of capacitor bank to improve power factor (Sinhala)


SWCC – Reduction of pressure drop across the cyclone system (Sinhala)



Ha Bac Fertilizers and Chemicals (chemicals – fertilizer)


Ha Bac Fertilizer – Company case study (Sinhala)


Ha Bac Fertilizer – Maintenance of coal mill and fine coal feeding system (Sinhala)


Ha Bac Fertilizer – Reduction of flue gas temperature of air heater (Sinhala)


Ha Bac Fertilizer – Steam leak survey leak repair and pipeline insulation (Sinhala)




Hanoi Ceramic Tiles Co Ltd (ceramics)


Hanoi Ceramic Tiles – Company case study (Sinhala)


Hanoi Ceramic Tiles – Increased awareness of staff regarding spilled granules (Sinhala)


Hanoi Ceramic Tiles – Use small and low density grinding balls (Sinhala)


Hanoi Ceramic Tiles – Use of waste hot air from cooling in vertical drier (Sinhala)


Hanoi Ceramic Tiles – Use of waste hot flue gas from kiln (Sinhala)




Sai Son Cement Co Ltd (cement)


Sai Son Cement – Company case study (Sinhala)


Sai Son Cement – Installation of VSD to control speed of FD blower (Sinhala)


Sai Son Cement – Insulation of the kiln burning zone area (Sinhala)


Sai Son Cement – Recovery of heat from hot kiln clinker (Sinhala)




Viet Tri Paper Co Ltd (pulp & paper)


Viet Tri Paper – Company case study (Sinhala)


Viet Tri Paper – Construct a coal storage to reduce moisture (Sinhala)


Viet Tri Paper – Install a FBC external furnace for coal fired boilers (Sinhala)


Viet Tri Paper – Installation of economizers on boilers (Sinhala)


Viet Tri Paper – Repair leaks and maintain steam traps (Sinhala)


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