Customers of industrial companies can be other manufacturers (e.g. car manufacturers buying steel), wholesalers (e.g. a wholesaler buying paper to sell to retailers), retailers (e.g. a household store buying ceramic products to sell in its stores) or end users (e.g. construction companies buying cement).

As a customer, by encouraging your suppliers to improve energy efficiency you can:

  • Reduce purchase costs as energy cost savings can be incorporated in the price of the goods you buy
  • Protect and improve your reputation through improved environmental management of your suppliers

The most useful information in this Guide for you is:

  • A Company Energy Efficiency Methodology that can help your suppliers become more energy efficient
  • Case studies for more than 40 other companies that have already benefited from energy efficiency initiatives
  • A Contact Database with useful contacts of people and organizations who can help your suppliers improve energy efficiency, such as consultants, research institutions, CP centers, associations and government agencies

Where do you start?

  • Bring the Guide to the attention of the management of your suppliers
  • Include environmental and energy considerations into your purchasing policy
  • Ask your suppliers what component of price of their goods is energy costs, and what they are doing to be more energy efficient

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