Companies cannot improve energy efficiency on their own. Several types of organizations can act as facilitators to help companies, such as industry associations, research institutes, consultants, Cleaner Production Centers, universities, chambers of commerce and NGOs.

By helping companies to improve energy efficiency you can:

  • Help industry reduce costs and exposure to rising energy prices
  • Develop useful skills and experience within your organization and as an individual
  • Contribute to an improved environment through reduced greenhouse gas emissions

This Guide gives you all the information you need to help facilitate energy efficiency in industry. The most useful information for you is:

Where do you start?

  • Get to know the Guide and find out how to help industry improve energy efficiency
  • Identify interested companies and organize a training course for industry using the training materials in the Guide
  • Meet with company management to raise awareness about energy efficiency, get them interested in an energy assessment, and explain how you can assist them with this using the Company Energy Efficiency Methodology
  • Get companies in touch with other organizations for areas where you are unable to help, such as financial institutions, suppliers, and chambers of commerce, using the Contact Database
  • Add your contact details to the Contact Database

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