Financial Institutions

Companies often turn to financial institutions to help fund large projects, mostly commercial banks and sometimes Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) if these exist in the country. As a financial institution, by investing in companies to help improve energy efficiency you can:

  • Help improve the financial viability and credit-worthiness of the companies who will continue to be your clients in the future
  • Get greater returns on investment as energy projects, such a cogeneration, are often very profitable
  • Expand your financial product portfolio and therefore expand your client base
  • Improve your public image as a financial institution that also takes steps to protect the environment

The most useful information in this Guide for you is:

  • An overview of tools for companies and investors regarding financing of energy efficiency and cleaner production projects
  • Energy efficiency case studies from various companies in the Asia and Pacific region to see what type of projects exist, the investments required and returns
  • A Contact Database with other financial institutions and other organizations (e.g. government agencies, suppliers) that finance energy projects

Where do you start?

  • Get to know the tools and case studies in the Guide to determine the potential of investing in energy efficiency projects
  • Inform companies about existing financing packages
  • Assist companies to make proposals for energy efficiency projects bankable
  • Expand investment evaluation criteria to include energy and environmental considerations
  • Develop new financial products that consider energy, greenhouse gas emissions and the environment in general
  • Add your contact details to the Contact Database

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