Many national, provincial or local government agencies responsible for industry, environment, energy or the economy, have an interest in energy conservation.

As a government agency, developing awareness and promoting energy efficiency in industry can:

  • Improve the financial viability of your country’s industry sectors because they spend less money on energy
  • Reduce your dependence on foreign energy supply (especially oil), and reduce the burden on your country’s GDP
  • Reduce your country’s greenhouse gas emissions as part of addressing climate change

The most useful information in this Guide for you is:

  • Information on policies (557KB-pdf) to encourage industry to improve their energy efficiency also recommending solutions that can be incorporated in government policies
  • Energy efficiency case studies from various companies in the Asia and Pacific region
  • An Information Database with information about the GERIAP project and other projects
  • A Contact Database with contact details of organizations in your country who can help facilitate the implementation of government energy policies and projects

Where do you start?

  • Facilitate the dissemination of this Guide among industry and organizations influencing industry
  • Develop policies that encourage energy efficiency in industry with the message that energy efficiency is good for business as well as the environment
  • Align energy policies with economic policies and environmental policies
  • Add your contact details to the Contact Database

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