Companies have many suppliers who provide them with various goods and services such as raw materials, energy, equipments, packaging materials, maintenance services, and transport. The GERIAP project found that poor quality goods and services are often the cause of high energy costs. Examples include poor quality coal, cheap but inefficient boilers and poor management of air compressors by contractors.

As a supplier, by helping your industrial customers to improve energy efficiency you:

  • Are more likely to keep customers in the long term because you save them money
  • Make it easier to promote yourself with new or potential customers
  • Can ask higher prices for your products and services because your customers will earn the cost back through improved energy efficiency

The most useful information in this Guide for you is:

  • Technical information and training materials for energy equipment used by companies and for industry sectors
  • Case studies for more than 40 companies, giving examples on how you can help your customers improve energy efficiency
  • A Contact Database with contacts of companies and organizations who influence them (such as industry associations, consultants, research institutions, CP centers, and government agencies) who you can approach

Where do you start?

  • Add your contact details to the Contact Database
  • Bring the Guide to the attention of your customers and within your own organization
  • Meet with company management to raise awareness about energy efficiency, and explain how you can help them to improve energy efficiency through your products and services

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